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Many people get confused or stuck when trying to fill out their taxes. Even if you do manage to fill out your tax returns correctly, you could be audited or face a tax bill higher than you can pay. Whatever your tax-related legal issue, an experienced tax attorney can help ensure your personal and financial interests are fully protected. If your tax issue is not so serious, simply finding the correct legal form or code provision may be enough to answer your questions. Below you will find information on finding and hiring a tax attorney, links to IRS contact information, taxpayer assistance, and more.

Using a Tax Attorney

Although many taxpayers are capable of preparing and filing their own taxes it can often be advisable to hire a professional to assist. This normally means hiring an accountant or bookkeeper, but in some situations a tax attorney is necessary. This typically arises when dealing with complications arising from self-employment or an audit where there is some indication the IRS may be contemplating fraud charges.

Understanding when you need an attorney, and how to find the right one, can be difficult to determine. Our materials are intended to simplify the process and explain how to handle these situations. Resources include a discussion of which situations generally require an attorney as opposed to an accountant, the intake information most tax attorneys require, and important considerations when choosing a tax attorney.

Few areas of the law are as complicated as the tax code and an audit or lawsuit could result in the loss of property and even imprisonment. Getting the assistance of a tax attorney early can help prevent a potential problem from getting to court. Negotiating an agreement with the IRS can also help you save an enormous amount of money on late fees, penalties, and other costs that can arise if you don't make the right decisions. Due to these potentially serious consequences it can be best to consult with an attorney, even if you are uncertain that you need one.

Tax Law Resources

Whether or not you retain an attorney it is important that you access all of the tax law resources available to you. Although an attorney can provide guidance you are always benefitted by a better understanding of the tax system. Even someone who has no problems and a relatively simple tax situation may require assistance determining which kind of tax form they should be using. The IRS and other organizations provide guidelines, tutorials, and other resources to help you make educated decisions about your finances. FindLaw has collected and organized these resources to make things easier for you.

In addition to links to resources you can also view the most frequently requested IRS publications, a helpful list of requirements for the use of the main federal income tax forms, and a glossary of common tax terms. You can also look at the Treasury Regulations, which provide the official interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code, and guides for the tax agencies of all fifty states.